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Channel 44 News:Diwali 2018 Hundreds attend UVM Indian Student Association's annual Diwali festival

Updated: Jun 12, 2019


BURLINGTON, Vt. - Over 400 people attended the UVM Indian Student Association's annual Diwali festival on Friday night, which featured singing, dancing and a fashion show.

The ISA started holding the festival in 2006, and the group's president Aayudh Das credits the university for helping them put on the annual festival of lights.

"UVM gave us a great platform to express our cultures, diversity and traditions," Das said. "We try to showcase to the Burlington and UVM community our talents, and how by recitations, dance, singing, we actually try to show our diversity, our culture and tradition because we miss it here." Ravi Nagori, Another member of the ISA, told us the festival takes months to prepare - they started planning for this year's Diwali back in May. "It takes time getting all the stuff together, making sure the food is alright, making sure all the performers are up for it," Nagori said. "It's really a lot of work, but it's fun." Das told us the packed house at the Davis Center speaks to Vermont's interest in other cultures. "This shows how Vermont supports diversity," Das said. "You see the room, they're here for Diwali. To see the wonderful traditions and performance. This is great, this is why I love Vermont."

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