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Indian Assocaition Member Demographics

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We are a group of enthusiastic students from India and Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Iran), aim to cultivate the non-academic activities of the student body and enhance all aspects of student life for its members at the University of Vermont as well as greater Burlington surrounding area. For 2019-2020 academic year, ISA’s activities include Holi (May), ISA Iftar Dinner (June), ISA annual road trip (August), Fall barbecue (September), Diwali (October) and Winter retreat (March). These events are a step forward in our efforts to recognize the diverse cultures on UVM’s campus, as well as an attempt to highlight the international presence in our community. ISA also provide services that will directly address the needs of individual students, both current and incoming, and members. These services include airport pick up of new incoming students, finding apartments, monthly grocery assistance, DMV tips, trip to local bank and SSN office.


Our Mission

To preserve and increase awareness of India and Indian heritage through the ideals of cultural awareness, political awareness, social awareness, and community service

Our Mission

We Are Vermont

We Are ISA

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